Slimming when travelling with work

Good morning

I’m on the train to London.  First day truly back on plan and wanting to do well.

I bought a twelve week countdown last night which takes me to the end of August just about. I have an event at the end of August so I have a bit of motivation.

Anyway today my danger area is lunch, it’s provided and out of my control. But I have packed a fruit and yogurt breakfast which I am enjoying on the train.  Yes I know about the high fructose but I like this breakfast, it’s refreshing and easy. ….. Blueberries strawberries, raspberries, Greek yogurt and 10g honey.  With 2 babybel a to give me my he A.


The road more travelled.

Well, life really got in the way but this morning I have decided enough is enough.  Life is far too short to be unhappy and the only place I am unhappy in my life is my weight, so the groceries have been delivered and I am choosing to eat well.

Part of this is the realisation I love food, I like cooking it, sharing it and most of all eating it but for the last week I have had a cold, rendering my tastebuds useless.  I have never experienced this before and it made me notice how habitual my eating has become…..I even ate chocolate despite being unable to taste it.

So today I draw a line.  I’m back at slimming world tonight to face the scales, having lost 2 stone I think tonight will show 1 stone regained. But that isn’t the end of the world today, yes it will be disappointing but you know worse things happen.

Since I last wrote I have become a guide leader, and I am aware that we tend to fall into two categories; I want to be in the one which inspires and leads the adventurous activities, not the one who stays in the meeting place.   So I am doing this to “be my best”……despite having just booked a trip to cadbury world at the end of term.

Todays lunch:  Tuna, Mayo, Red Chilli, Lime juice, morrisons saver coleslaw, Morrisons NUME mayo:  total 4 syns and managed to detect a little flavour via the broken tastebuds!

Breakfast was Bacon Sandwich:  Total 7 syns (2 slices of bread + chilli sauce = HE b + 7 Syns).

So thats me already on 11 syns for the day but dinner will be synfree and I have lots of fruit in the house to snack on.   I may make some humous and crudities.    Tomorrow I am in London for work, which will be problematic at lunchtime but the rest of the day will be fine.

Slimmer of the week

Well I’m over the moon. I managed to lose 3lbs again and received my third slimmer of the week award.

I’m a bit gutted I was so liberal over the weekend but am pleased with this. The food this week has been really good, I have had super free food with every meal, which has been a deliberate effort and it seems to have pain off.

I’m going to restart the running tomorrow and see how that helps. I’m 2.5lbs away from my 1.5 stone award and really want that before Vanessa’s wedding (ie next week).

Not sure if I included my breakfast yesterday but if not here it is.


Daring to dream

I have decided to start making more of an effort on the weekend to slick to plan and actually eat enough. I have made sure I have taken photos today so I can make this all a bit more exciting than just words.

I wondered earlier why I was writing this. But ultimately its for me, so I can look back and see what I did when I had a good week and equally when it has been hard.

This week I have been really focused ( a good week), I’ve made sure I have had lots of superfree food and I have made doubly sure that when I’ve had a meal I have included it as a third of my plate. I am hoping for a big weight loss this week. I have noticed my rings are getting really very loose. I think after my sister in laws wedding I will be going to get them resized.

Anyway today has been good, I’ve got a bit of housework done. I started the day with a big breakfast and then for lunch I had a tuna jacket with cremefraise and tomatoes, it was really nice and tasty. For dinner tonight we have shepherds pie planned, I’m going to make two. I will measure my cheese. Cam will have a normal one.

The reference to dream is that I am now starting to dream about when I am slimmer, when in the summer I have my shopping day, and that I will have lost 3 stone by that point. It is starting to feel achievable, even factoring the scenic route I am bound to take.


Another grey day (but only weather wise)

Grr a night of nightmares and little sleep so I have decided to work from home today. Now this could reek havoc but so far so good.

I had a yummy breakfast of riveta (is it wrong to like riveta?), smoked salmon, Philadelphia light and coriander. It was fantastic.

I made chick pea Dahl loaf last night but didn’t put enough eggs in it so it didn’t really bind together very well 😦 This also had lashings of coriander so is quite tasty.

I put a pair of jeans on this morning and although wouldn’t be described as too big but are certainly fitting very well now, which is a massive improvement to them being too tight!

I’ve also had some fruit and yogurt this morning. Total so far half a syn.

I am really looking forward to scouring car boots and charity shops for clothes and I recall I have smaller clothes somewhere in the garage. I loved it last time I lost weight, I bought loads at car boot sales and ended up with some fantastic clothes. There were also a few screamers but on the whole I had some great finds!

I am still looking forward to my shopping trip in August but not really sure it’s now going to take place.

Getting back to it

Ok, so a pretty rubbish week last week. I had a gain on my holiday and then didn’t manage to shift the little bugger. Probably not helped by the Easter break.

So I think I deserved the maintain I had this week. It’s the start of the 100 day challenge, so anything now counts towards the 20lbs I committed to for the challenge.

I am making the effort to eat more super free and super speedy foods. I’m doing great so far. The fridge is full of lovely fresh food, we have beef madras planned for tomorrow night. Friday I pick Cameron up, it seems like ages since I last saw her. I have booked into Zumba tomorrow.

I wanted to restart running today but the planta fasilititis has flared up a bit.

I’m working through some stuff with my husband, it’s not us with the problem, it’s his work but it’s very stressful. I’m hopeful by the end of the summer it will all be resolved.

Anyway back to the diet. Loved the food last night (we christened the raclette), so it was lots of marinaded meat and tuna with a huge salad. It was really tasty and very sociable to cook together at the table.

So this week I’d really like to get 5lbs, but would settle happily for 4 or 31/2. So far my biggest week has been 3 1/2. 5lbs would get me into the 14 stones again. When I met Richard I was about 13 1/2 stone so I think that’s really my first true goal.

After that I think I’ll just take it half a stone at a time. I am still looking forward to the shopping trip in August but think it may have the shine taken off it if we haven’t got Richards situation sorted out.

Feeling positive about this week though.

Holiday gain

Oops! I gained 1.5lbs on holiday, must have been all that cake! But you know what it could have been a lot worse!

So we got home on Saturday and I’ve been strict since then and am determined to lose at least 3 lb this week! Ideally I’d like to lose 5 this week as that will get me into the 14s! Why not Aim for this?

I’m feeling positive about getting rid of this gain quickly. I wanted to run tonight but I am suffering from a bit of a head ache. Fortunately Richard is making my tea, which is meatballs and tagilelle with a side salad. I will need to shop tomorrow for some fresh produce but that’s fine.

I am planning a nice Sunday lunch this week, it will be Easter Sunday. The minimins 100 day challenge starts on 22nd April (Tuesday after Easter), i am aiming for 20lbs! I think this is doable if I’m focused!

I’m feeling really positive about what I can do. I can’t believe how easy this is, and I wish my MIL would join us on this journey, she is so unhappy with her weight and other than using dramatic shakes she doesn’t do anything, but it’s making her unhappy. I think she would love the food on SW EE.

I understand how frustrated my mum must have felt with me, but until EE I have struggled to lose weight, but this is so easy and the food is wonderful. It helps that Richard is enjoying it too. I think he is losing weight too. I think it’s so much more than calories in v calories out, your head has to be in the right place too.

A very shocked recipient of an award

Well weigh in last night, I lost a huge 3.5lbs, completely chuffed.  However it does mean that I need to chuck out my scales at home.  They are so far out it’s beyond funny.  I had expected a 2lb loss.  So I have now lost 1 stone 3lbs in 13 weeks, of course for 4 of these I actually stayed the same whilst I was not eating enough syns.  So I am also really pleased with my rate of loss.  

I feel this is sustainable and likely to be continuous.   I lost a huge 9lbs in March and won slimmer of the month!   I bought the takeaway book and can’t wait to try some of the recipes in there.  I haven’t seen the cake club girls for a while and we have the next cake club on the 17th May, about 7 weeks away.  I would like to get my 2 stone before then (they may notice!).  Come to think of it I have Sunday lunch with the spice girls the same weekend, they will definitely notice!

i could cope with this rate of weight loss, but I am realistic and know my body so I am counting my blessings but don’t really expect this to continue, but then they reckon at SW that everyone is a doubter until they lose about 2 stone. 

I have started to think about my final goal.   What once seemed impossible now seems credible so I am going for 10st 5.  This gets me a bmi of 25!  Down from 39!  I know this is a long way to go but I am focussing on the journey not the end at the moment.  I am breaking it into bite sized chunks, so my next goal is 3lbs.  This will get me into the 14 stone bracket, which just seems like a huge achievement quite honestly. 


I think I can also say I am starting to enjoy the running, although it is incredibly challenging.


i have